grxggy: Your blog is heavenly keep up the beautiful work love (:

Thanks bae! Xx

thefetusconvention: Tysm for making this account i seriously would die without it ILY

Awh haha thanks, I should update it more frequently. Will start doing that when my job becomes a little less hectic. Xx

Hey guys, follow me on Insta!

Hey guys, follow me on Insta!

New dress, old crack in my mom’s mirror. 

New dress, old crack in my mom’s mirror. 

Haha love this!

Haha love this!

versace-and-yayo: So I don't have an etsy account and I was wondering if maybe you could ask your fried Cory a question about his device cases for me ? I think I would really love to buy one maybe /.\

Yeah sure I can, though it is very easy to make an Etsy account! Do you have PayPal? Could you maybe send me an email at lottesimons18 [at] hotmail [.com] and we’ll talk from there. X

Lana Del Rey - Back To The Basics

'Back To The Basics' was recorded in 2011 and leaked in 2012.

thankyou-obrien-deactivated2014: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much ! :)

No problem!

thankyou-obrien-deactivated2014: tumtaster isn't working for me, I just downloaded it from chrome and it's on my bar, it's there but it just says random and it won't download anything, my tumblr isn't showing any links too, I favorited like you said but it's not working

I just found another, very easy way to download the songs. Find out how here. Hope this works, it worked for me (tested it). xo

holdontightdynamite: Actually, I just posted it so you could reblog it. Made a tumblr just for that lol.

Hahaha so cute. ♡ I feel honoured.